iPhone Parental Monitoring Software - Can It Save Your Teen?


Predominantly, two categories of parents exist. Ones, who believe in orchestrating intense helicopter parenting towards their kids, others are less keen and prefer to stay in their rooms after getting back from work.  So before you ask yourself, which one are you, it’s necessary that you know how supervising kids can reduce their chance of getting themselves into wrong stuff. Also, we will be telling you about a few tactics to monitor your kids without being without intruding them. First, have a look at how you can keep your kid drug and alcohol free.

Increase your kids participation in Sports

The study conducted by Reuter Health tells us that teens who have been participating in sports are less likely to be involved in smoking of pot or tobacco. But, the results also revealed that these teens who participate in sports are more likely to consume alcohol.

If your child is involved in after-school structured activities, unfortunately, it won’t really be providing any protective effect. Maybe, your teen doesn’t need to stay in school, after school.

Cut On Your Teens Aimless Wandering

The more your kid hangouts with peers without a purpose, greater are the chances that they would resort to illicit acts because of that ‘aimless wandering’. Therefore, it’s pertinent that your kid find lesser free time to engage in negative activities.

Provide more Organized Time

Kids who are engaged in art classes or religious activities have the greatest protective effect. These activities can reduce a teen’s chances of smoking or drinking by 7 percent to 18 percent, according to the same aforementioned research.

Don’t Smoke or Drink in Front of Your Child

Matheson, professor at University of Colorado Denver suggests parents to stop smoking or drinking in front of their kids. It motivates kids to copy their parents.

Set Rules

Parents need to have rules for the use of alcohol, marijuana or smoking. Reinforcing kids’ bad habits with consequences can help parents refrain them from such acts.

Use Parental Monitoring Software

Finally, parents need to have parental controls on their kids’ electronic devices to anticipate rightly what their kids are up to. For example, if your kid owns an iOS device, you can install iPhone Parental monitoring software like XNSPY on it. After that you will be able to have access to your child’s calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history etc. You can also check their calendar entries.

The purpose of monitoring your child is very important. Kids will be able to know that they have been watched over by their parents. With rules that abound consequences, they will be watchful of their activities. With 24/7 access to their iPhone or iPad, you will be able to know if your kid is planning anything suspicious or illicit. Also, XNSPY provides GPS tracking so that you can always follow your child, if they ever find themselves in some sort of trouble.

Set Limits on Monitoring

If you don’t want to instigate feelings of hatred in your teen, it’s important that you, as a parent, go modest with the use of iPhone parental monitoring software. Don’t over-monitor and don’t overreact even if your child is found guilty of something. Your immediate reaction will determine your kid’s response towards you in the future. 


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