The Best Casino Movies of All Time

Being away from the casino floor and watching a thrilling casino related movie is one of the things casino players like doing from time to time. There are many movies themed around casinos, slots and tables as well as gambling in general and they are very fun and engaging to watch. Most of them really catch the spirit of real casino actions and add thrilling elements. Some of them are so well directed that can immediately motivate you to visit a casino and try your luck.

With movie lovers and casino fans in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best casino movies of all time where thrilling high stakes action is guaranteed and where big fish gamblers and real casino cheats are plying their trade. The movies listed below are still available and can be found on DVDs or online.




This movie is dedicated to one of the casino classics and all time favorites- 21 or blackjack. It is a fact based casino movie directed by Robert Luketic and released in March 2008. According to the story, six students from MIT are trained by a university professor to become experts in blackjack, particularly in the card counting strategy. From Monday to Friday they are regular students, but on weekends they go to Las Vegas and take millions in blackjack casino winnings. 21 is very popular in online casinos as well. Software providers such as NetEnt have created several variants of it and many players have tried their luck at them. Moreover, statistics say that over 75% love NetEnt casinos, where they can play blackjack and other high quality games for real money in a secure gaming environment.



Casino Royale

Casino Royale is another blockbuster gambling related movie directed by Martin Campbell and premiered in 2006. In this movie secret agent James Bond goes on his first mission as 00. Bond has a license to kill and goes to Casino Royale to play a game of high stakes poker against Le Chiffre, a weapon dealer. Bond and Vesper Lynd are sent by M, the boss of M16, to play this game and stop Le Chiffre from winning. But if Bond defeats him, will he and Lynd remain safe? The movie last 144 minutes and leading stars are Jeffrey Wright, Eva Green, Judi Dench and Daniel Craig.

Casino games such as poker can also be played online at virtual casinos. Moreover, the majority of these casinos offer over 300 games with new ones being launched every week. If you have watched Casino Royale and want to try our luck at casino games, simply visit a reputable online casino and cross your fingers.


In this casino themed movie, the aspiring writer Jack Manfred takes a job as a croupier at a casino in order to make ends meet. However, after a while the finds himself drawn in the casino world and his relationship with his girlfriend deteriorates. A gambler named Jani starts to see Jack after working hours, which is against the casino policy. Jani doesn’t have much luck in her life and tries to peruse Jack to take part in a panned casino robbery. Jack considers the odds. Even though it looks fairly easy and simple, he cannot predict which cards will be dealt. The movie went live in 1998 and was directed by Mike Hodges. Leading stars are Nick Reding, Clive Owen and Alexander Morton.


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