PC Gaming Holding Up Against Mobiles & Tablets

Despite the rising popularity of the mobile and tablet market, with smartphone sales reaching 1 billion units this year, PC is staying ahead in terms of preferred gaming platforms. A new study by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has shown that PC is performing much better than expected against its mobile equivalents. 

Game consoles are still the preferred method of playing for most households, with 68% listing it as one of the devices they use to access gaming. However, PC has come in a close second with 63% of households in the US using the platform. Smartphones only came in at 43%, with wireless and handheld gaming devices falling behind. 

Not only does this mark good news for major hardware manufacturers, such as Dell, HP and ASUS, who reported falling shipments for a second consecutive quarter this month, but it also means that online gaming markets may begin to attract larger player pools. 

Online casino sites, which attracts those who love more of mobile casino type games, were previously thought to be declining against the thriving smartphone and tablet industry. “As technology improves all the time, we may soon get to the point where [mobile] outperforms the traditional PC as the preferred mode of placing a bet, playing poker or enjoying various casino-type games,” said Brian Wright, the Director of the Remote Gambling Association. 

However, the new ESA study indicates that gamers are choosing to stay true to more traditional gaming devices. Although smartphone and tablets may be booming, with Forrester predicting that tablet ownership in Western Europe will quadruple by 2017, PC remains a stable part of gaming culture.

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