Men: How To Impress Women

Dear Men,

There are numerous blogs, articles, and tweets out there that will give you advice on how to be, who to be, and what to say in order to impress a lady. Everyone will have different opinions on this matter, some…well let’s face it, many, will be drastically different from the next. So take whatever may be said in the following phrases, think about it and see if you agree or not, take what you want and reflect on the rest. I am but a humble female, mid-twenties, who has recently broken off a yearlong relationship for reasons that you may pick up along the way. The disclaimer is that everyone is unique, every man and every woman, so to say you should do or be one thing in order to impress the other gender is simply abhorrent! Everyone is different and therefore someone may really enjoy a gesture or conversation that the person next to him or her would be disgusted by. So, good luck!

The bottom line and simplest piece, is be you! Seriously, you are you, and that is incredible, there is not one else quite like it, and sure it may sound cheesy or cliché, but it’s true! Be you, and the rest will follow.

However there are some tips to help perhaps relax or help you boost your confidence the next time you meet a lovely lady you’d like to impress.



Confidence in you is huge in impressing a woman or even a potential business client or interview. Having poise in who you are and not caring so much about what the other person thinks of you truly does leave a positive impression. So stop worrying about what she is thinking and be proud of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you’d like to achieve. Nothing is sexier than someone who is laid back and not trying too hard. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance, so dance on that one a little and ask your closer friends that you trust to be honest with you on how you’re coming off to others. 

So how do you exude confidence? It’s all in the mind and the body! Body posture and non-verbals say so much, while literally saying nothing at all. Walking with your head up, not slouching your shoulders, as if your chest were leading your steps, really says, I am successful with where I want to be! And on a side but related note respect and self –control are directly linked to confidence. Have these three qualities and you’re in a great position to impress any woman!



Respect is quite possible the essential element in making a lasting positive impression. In regard to women, respecting their emotions, their dreams, their ideas, and above all their bodies is one way to truly show a woman your true intentions. When a woman can see that you respect the women in your life, mother, sister, friends that are female, or even strangers in public, she will gain a better idea of what type of man you truly are. Let’s just say, respect should not be underestimated.  Simple ways to show a woman you respect her:

1.  Never try to take advantage of her sexually

2.  Give her time and attention (quality time is a gift)

3.  Be aware of when to joke and when to be serious

4.  Talk to her in a courteous way, even when you’re in a disagreement keep this in mind, taking care not to raise your voice or say hurtful words out of spite



Humor is another wonderful way to impress a woman. While there are many benefits to humor, as mentioned just above, it is important to know when to be serious and when it’s ok to have some humor. In a relationship this can become a blurred line at times, but when there is good communication this should hopefully come easier as you get to know one another 

Humor and laughter are different. While a good laugh often lifts spirits or lightens moods, humor has a special energy. Keep in mind this is best when done in a polite, respectful, and timely manner, that is the special skill of someone who has good humor. This can be a saving grace in awkward situations; can be an asset into illuminating your own confidence and temperament. Women prefer a partner or men that have a jovial nature and chivalrous attitude.



When it comes to fashion or dress you certainly don’t need to be dressed to the nines or have crazy expensive clothing. Most women probably won’t notice that anyways, or will run for the hills if it’s too over the top. However looking put together and hygienic is always a positive and extra card in your pocket! Having a look that fits your personality or clothes that don’t scream, I just left the frat house, are good ideas.

Knowing a little bit about women’s style can be beneficial to you. That way you can really knock her socks off when you know the difference between heels and wedges. To find out more in regard to fashion, look at some known designers like Marc Fisher LTD, Heidi Klum, Manolo Blahnik, Max Azria, Lilian Cahn, or Eileen Fisher.


Be interested in her interests

I can tell you from personal experience that engaging in a conversation with a man who is genuinely interested in what I’m talking about, those men stand out above the others! It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the same thing or not, but being curious about the subject and asking questions about my experience really shows me you are genuinely concerned about who I am as a human being. If you don’t know anything about her favorite designer engaging in some basic questions will likely get her really excited; and you’ll have a great idea for an anniversary or birthday gift down the line!  

Social media is a great way to learn more about brands these days. If you use LinkedIn and other networks, you can learn more about Marc Fisher and all the major designers.


Wrap Up

You will certainly impress a woman if you are well dressed or have a nicer car. However that impression is just that, if you are looking to win a woman’s heart. It is not by the material outer you, but rather the personality and sensitivity of the inner you. Yes, the person not the money attached to it or the muscle, or your size. Truly she cares about if you are good at heart, if you are someone that may be a good father, and someone who won’t go looking for something younger in the years to come. As we discussed, confidence, respect, and self-control are key qualities to making good impressions.




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