The Best Gangster Films of All Time

There have been some pretty fantastic gangster films over the years, and we’re going to discuss some of the most popular and successful ones in this post. No matter how old you might be or where you are from, the movies mentioned on this page are not to be missed. Some of them tell true stories, others are total fiction. However, they all stunned audiences around the world and offered us a new perspective on life. Gangster films are often the most memorable because they don’t rely on special effects or explosions to keep the viewer interested. Instead, they use clever and emotional story lines ensure everyone stays gripped.

Anyone who fancies spending the weekend indoors with some good gangster films would do well to select one or two from this list. You can either buy the DVDs from your local store or take a look at these cable TV package deals. Either way, you will want to get things sorted soon. That is especially the case if this is the first time you have come across these titles.


A Bronx Tale

We’re starting off with something a little lighter because not everyone wants to dive straight into the hard stuff. A Bronx Tale is one of the best gangster films that is suitable for the entire family. Sure, it might have an eighteen certificate, but it’s nowhere near as brutal as some of the others on this page. The film tells the story of “C”. A young kid from the Bronx, who finds himself with two educations. One from the school, and one from the street. He is taken under the wing of local gangster boss Sonny, who shows him what life in like in the seedy underworld. The movie also contains one of Robert De Niro’s most passionate performances.



Casino is a true story about mob bosses who built and opened casinos in Las Vegas when Sin City was getting into full swing. Again, this movie contains an amazing performance from Robert De Niro, and anyone who hasn’t seen it is missing a real treat. There are plenty of bad casino films, but this isn’t one of them. Joe Pesci also plays a starring role as one of the most unruly gangsters who always flies off the handle. We think Casino has become so popular over the years because director Martin Scorsese knows how to get an audience worked up. It is the best film he has ever created by a long stretch.


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We simply couldn’t publish an article like this without talking about the legendary Scarface. Al Pacino was a virtually unknown actor before that movie hit the screens, and it helped to propel his career forward immensely. He plays a young Cuban immigrant who has just made his way into the United States. Pacino soon becomes a major player in the underworld thanks to his no-nonsense approach. Scarface is one of the most violent gangster films ever made, and so you’ll want to keep this one away from the kids.

Other movies you might want to consider include Goodfellas, Gangster No 1, and the Godfather trilogy. We guarantee you are going to love them all if you have an interest in American history and criminal organizations. Feel free to let you know what you thought of the recommendations we’ve just made. We look forward to publishing more posts of this nature over the coming weeks. Bye for now!


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