How Will Project Hololens Change the Gaming Experience?

In the past, the Oculus Rift was the only popular virtual reality or VR headset that is available on the market. But as time goes by, a lot of manufacturers saw the potential of this geeky device. The latest company that joined this endeavor is Microsoft. 

Dubbed as the Project Hololens, this mean piece of VR hardware promises a new era of holographic computing, especially in the field of video games. While wearing this headpiece, visuals will jump right out of the screen, giving you a more immersive experience than any console that was ever made. In addition, this device can also improve how people communicate and learn. In this post, you will learn more about the Project Hololens and how it can change the world of video games.


1. Better interaction with other people

With these advanced goggles, communicating with other people online can be fun and interactive. If, for example, you are a new player at and you need some help in navigating across the games, you can talk with an expert via Skype and he can easily teach you the ropes around the website. From their mobile devices, they can easily draw some instructions, and it will be projected on your goggles as comprehensive holograms. You can also use this feature as a way to create battle plans with your guild or party members whenever you raid a dungeon in a game.


2. Different way of perceiving your world

Currently, video games are played by staring at a screen and using a joystick for moving your player around a virtual environment. The Project Hololens improves the experience further by making games more immersive than ever.  

The goggle’s greatest achievement is producing a realistic hologram and making your brain believe that the light it sees is solid matter. When you put on the VR headgear, you can turn your living room into a 3D dungeon or forest. Of course, it does not really replicate 3D images that can be seen by everyone. The only one who can see the sudden change in landscape is you – the one who is wearing the device. Microsoft is trying to perfectly overlay virtual objects in real life settings to make your games more immersive. Just imagine how cool would it be if you can see dragons, orcs, and other mythical creatures from your favorite games pop right out of the screen, right?


3. Better gameplay mechanics

With this device, you can say goodbye to those handy joysticks. The high-tech eyewear can easily detect your motion. With simple hand gestures, you can click and use the virtual 3D objects around you. Currently, the Hololens was used for playing the popular game Minecraft. In the real world, you might be looking at your coffee table or your desk. But when you put on the goggles, that piece of furniture will be automatically transformed into a virtual tree, cavern, or rock. You can gently tap the surface of your furniture, and the 3D object will respond to your touch. However, make sure that you do not smash your fist on your table so that the real thing will not get damaged. And with this feature, you can hold a virtual sword or wand in your hand and go on an epic quest in destroying the force of evil. 


4. Watch replays

As a gamer, you have probably enjoyed watching replays or game vlogs of other players. With enough time, the way you stream on Twitch or YouTube will also change. You can change your viewing angles and make you feel like you are actually playing the game rather than just watching it. 


How do you think will the Project Hololens change the world of video games? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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