Play STORMFALL: AGE OF WAR On Your Browser

Stormfall: Age of War is a Plarium MMO game that puts players in the middle of a land full of warlords which battle against each other, after a kingdom has fallen. The goal of the player is to restore peace, which is the opposite of the warlords' aim. To turn the land to prosperous times, players will engage in real-time strategy.

To play Stormfall: Age of War after registering to the website you will need to know the basics of the game, which can be found in the game tutorial. The first thing you need to know in order to be successful is to learn how to run you castle. This task requires you to gather resources and since we are in medieval times there are three resources that you can collect: gold, iron and food.

The tutorial explains how and what is needed in order to collect, store and maintain the production of these resources, furthermore in the outskirts of your base there are items that if you click on them you might encounter extra-resources to help you out.

It is important to visit the castle every day in order to complete missions and acquire special resources like sapphires and skull runes.

Resources are important in order to build your troops and prepare for battle, there are defensive and offensive troops that will battle against the warlords. To train the troops you will need to visit the sentry house and decide how many of which troops you want to train.

During the game you will learn how to use the best strategies to win your battles while protecting your castle.

Once a day you will receive a new scroll, which will enable you to research new lost arts and unlock new skills, troops and defenses. If you receive a scroll you already have, you can trade it at the market with other Lords.

The secret to success is to train regularly, before starting to play go over the turorial, that is the number one resource for you to start with.

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