A Little Sports Knowledge Can Go A Long Way

Not everyone who bets on soccer knows a great deal about the sport itself. While many people will have a bet because of a certain loyalty to a particular team or interest in an event in a particular tournament, such as the story of Blyth Spartans in the current English FA Cup, there are plenty of other bettors who are more interested in trading bets, making gradual gains across multiple markets or placing strategic ones of their own.

If you have decided to get into some betting trading online, you’ll no doubt have downloaded one of the Betfair trading apps that enables you to keep an eye on multiple markets on one screen, receive real-time updates with live data and offers one-click betting, so that you can get bets on more quickly than other users of the betting exchange.

This kind of bet trading is for people who are interested in a number of sports and markets, but also for those who trade bets with a focus on the movement of the markets rather than the actual games or other sporting fixtures. And if you’re a bet trader, it’s always useful to have a bit of background knowledge on the teams and players you’re trading bets on. That is why it is always worth taking a look at the likes of bluesq.com to see what the experts are saying about the latest news and developments in the sporting world.

A quick browse through the main stories can help you anticipate market sentiment, even in those sports that you may have no personal knowledge of or interest in. By keeping abreast of the main sports stories, you’ll be aware of reasons behind shifts in the different betting markets but can still keep your main focus on your betting strategies.

For instance, were you surprised by Steven Gerrard’s recent announcement that he soon be leaving Liverpool and heading to the USA to play for Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy? Would you have placed different bets if you had an idea that Gerrard’s move was on the cards?

If you knew what is likely to be happening in soccer’s January transfer window, you’d be able to read the betting markets more accurately. Similarly, if you have no personal knowledge of Formula One and what’s happening in the sport, the background info is what you need.

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