2015's Global Technology Takeover

With the 21st century going through something of a digital revolution, there seems to be no end in sight as to how pervasive this new technology will be in our lives.

And what’s more is that due to the ease with which information can flow across borders, it now means that regardless of where you are, if you have a great idea, you can still have a part to play in the new digital era.

With technological innovation being made with next-to-nothing in terms of expense, we’ve seen some great new entrants into the digital playing field from some fairly unexpected corners of the globe. And here are a few of them brought to you by our friends at Bonus Bez Depozytu.



Drone technology is one of the big stories of the past few years. Its application in a variety of settings from military hardware to package delivery has meant that these lightweight and relatively cheap machines are seeing a huge increase in demand in many developing markets.

One company that has been quick to jump on board the drone bandwagon is India’s Airpix. Based in the thriving technological city of Mumbai, Airpix are able to use drone technology to create specialised aerial media for a variety of clients from tourism to real estate to obtain photographs and videos from previously inaccessible perspectives.



In 2014, many were both surprised and pleased to see the arrival of the first wave of South African made smartphones. The companies CZ Electronics and Seemahale Telecoms both announced new devices aimed squarely at the developing smartphone market in South Africa.

Although the circuit boards would be imported, the rest of the assembly, manufacture and packaging would all be done in South Africa, thus helping to generate a new digital infrastructure in the country.

This comes at a crucial time where there is also a great deal of original online content being created in South African from entertainment to news channels, and even to South African gaming sites where players can take full advantage of the new, interconnected world of gambling.



And finally, wearable tech has also been hitting the headlines recently. By taking advantage of the ever-decreasing size of computer hardware, we’re now able to wear our devices, rather than the carry them.

The famous Brazilian juice brand Do Bem has capitalised on this growing trend early by announcing the first in its range of wearable activity trackers. The activity tracker is a smartband that can be worn on the arm, and is able to measure the wearer’s steps and sleep patterns, and then can communicate this information via Bluetooth technology.

This is a great example of a company with an established brand using synergy to link its famously healthy drink products to an emerging market in the fitness and technology field.

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