What Drives #progressivepeople To Succeed? (Sponsored Video)

In a series of video portraits featuring a variety of young entrepreneurs and innovators, Audi-City Berlin asks these inspiring personalities “What drives you?” Through these short video portraits, we can take in their dreams, the places that have influenced and inspired them and the ideas that have helped these go-getters follow through their with passion and establish successful and innovate projects.

In the second portrait of the series, we take a look at Conrad Fritzch, the CEO and founder of increasingly popular tape.tv.


At the incredibly young age of 23, Conrad founded his own advertising agency, running it successfully for a total of 14 years. But like many young entrepreneurs, he reached a point of wanting to redefine himself and grow by providing a service to people that was in more need than his agency could offer. Alongside colleague Stefanie Renner, he founded tape.tv to try to reinvent music television, a long-gone concept since MTV moved away from music and towards reality and drama shows.

Using his background in film and love for music, he filled a necessary gap in the industry. The concept is smart – rather than search for music, “your music finds you”. Curated playlists will have you enjoying music that you know you love and discovering new music that suits your taste. 


 This curation is what tape.tv has to offer that no other similar service can offer nearly as well. Playlists are curated by editors, employees, bands and artists and based on recommendations from music fans. Even famous directors like Detelf Buck have contributed by curating playlists of their own.


Tape.tv is also famous for holding rooftop concerts on a regular basis. Here, popular German band Rhonda plays one of their hits “That’s How I Roll”, which is also featured in the video.

Are you also deserving of being featured as #progressivepeople? Share your progressive project by reaching out to #[email protected] or get in touch through the Audi Website for more information. The most interesting projects will be featured in 2015!

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