The Worst Casino Movies Ever

We've given you our take on the best, but now comes the ultimate list of the worst casino and gambling films of all time. Any list like this is subjective, of course, but we think that you'll agree with many of these tepid titles. It surely takes a lot of work to make a movie, but to make a truly bad movie is something special indeed. Instead of watching these horrible films, you might be better off playing casino games online - clearly a much better use of your time.




OCEAN'S 12 - Continuing the story from the far superior OCEAN'S 11, this European romp finds casino magnate Andy Garcia in hot pursuit of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and their motley crew of charming criminals, who have stolen his casino's money. This time, however, the story craps out with a Julia Roberts twist that should've stayed at the tables. 




VEGAS VACATION - The Griswold family takes it one step too far in this painfully unfunny third sequel to the classic Vacation film. Hijinks ensue, naturally, including a subplot featuring a casino-breaking Rusty Griswold and a libidinous Wayne Newton pursuing Beverly D'Angelo. You'd be better off hitting the slots or renting the first movie instead. 




ALL IN - Imagining the superior 21 or Rounders by way of a Lifetime television movie, this ridiculous slice of cheese sees medical student Dominique Swain return to the poker tables to put her way through medical school. Featuring the ever sleazy Michael Madsen and Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr., this one isn't good for much more than a laugh. 




HAVANA - Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford stars as a gambler who visits Cuba to put together a high stakes poker game. While exploring Havana, he falls in love with the feisty revolutionary played by Lena Olin, setting up a high stakes match of romance and survival against the poker game. Do yourself a favor and watch Out of Africa instead. 




THE HANGOVER 3 - From Hollywood classic to crapped out in three movies. What are the Vegas odds on a Hangover, Part Four? We hope the decision makers in Hollywood bet against that one. 

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