Control Your Smart Phone Gambling Urges

When it comes to our smart phones we are all rather guilty of spending an awful long time staring at our screens, checking social media or downloading apps. For addictive personalities smart phones are probably a match made in hell, as regular gamblers can now get access to their favourite online gambling sites at single touch of a button. Its not just smart phones, which make gambling so accessible, its tablets and laptops too.

Gaming apps make gambling very easy and it is all too easy to loose touch with ‘real’ money. As you can easily pay, it’s too easy to be drawn in to the tempting cash match bonuses, jack pots and FREE games, but it’s all too easy for the lines to get blurred between reality and the tempting allure of online gaming.

Jacqueline Balaam fell victim to the temptation of online gaming and she isn’t your usual suspect. The 41-year-old was happily married with two children; she had previously been employed in a very high flying, well-paying job as a finance officer at one of the most critically acclaimed universities in the world and in her spare time volunteered as the treasurer of her local social club so it was safe to say Jacqueline was a established career woman who filled her time with trustworthy activities where she really made a difference.

Sadly, Jacqueline has demons in her closet and dark secrets nobody knew. She was in the grips of a powerful gambling addiction, which she’d lost all control over. Over the space of 8 years she had squandered over $9 million, in desperate attempts to fund her addiction she stole $400,000 from her employers. Jacqueline was sent to jail for fraud. Her downward spiral is a sad example of how technology advancing is actually further exposing those whom are vulnerable and the gambling industry is cashing in.

It would seem that the gambling industry has no constraints and people are almost becoming victims of their marketing campaigns instead of their customers. It’s all too easy to ‘zone out’ when playing any game online, but imagine if you’re ‘zoning out’ on a regular basis when playing with real cash, this is when the big problems start. When your card is linked up to the site, it doesn’t even feel like you’re playing with real cash. Below, if you follow our top tips you will avoid any potential disasters and remain in control of your life and money.


Top tips to remain in control of your gambling

  • Set a limit on your spending and stick to it.
  • Only spend what you can afford to lose.
  • Use sites that have limits on daily spend.
  • Don’t set up multiple accounts.
  • Always read the ‘small print’.
  • Don’t rely on it to earn money fast.
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