Score More Sporting Profits With Score Grid

International football (or, of course, soccer if you're in North America) betting is one of the biggest facets of the gambling world. When you log onto Betfair you can take your pick from hundreds of fixtures every day. In fact, such is the expanse of the football betting world that it can be tough to stay in touch with all the latest scores, odds and statistics. 

Fortunately, Betfair has created the Betpractice score grid for football. Available as a downloadable app on a 15-day trial (monthly/ annual fees then apply), Betpractice is a fully optimised score grid for Microsoft Windows devices, including desktop, laptop and mobile devices. In layman's terms, this basically means that Betpractice gives you a complete overview of daily football betting markets. 

Thanks to Betfair's engineering prowess when it comes to sports betting apps, Betpractice simplifies the mixing and matching of single bets amongst different markets in a particular football game. This information can then be used to determine how profitable various betting combinations would be if you were to take a punt on them. 

Unlike other similar applications, Score Grind is available for both pre and in-game betting. This is fantastic for serious punters that like to wring out every ounce of value from a fixture. For example, let's assume you've wagered on five football matches before the games kickoff. According to Score Grid your combination is profitable before things get underway. However, as we all know, football matches can change in the blink of an eye, so it pays to assess the market as it develops. Using Score Grid, you can check out how your selections can combine to create a profitable series of in-play bets. 

Using this strategy, you can not only offset any negative value accrued from your pre-game bets, but make even more money if things are going your way. The goal for every sports bettor is extract as much value from a wager as possible and with Score Grid this is made infinitely easier thanks to the following features:

  • Practice Mode - use a virtual bankroll to improve your skills and test out the software.
  • One-click betting - You can place a series of bets with a single touch of your screen.
  • Place halftime and fulltime bets.
  • Combinations of different markets – place bets with a single bet.
  • Cash-out calculator - workout how much you stand to make from your various bets.
  • Half Time assistant tool - get advice on which side of the market to bet on.
  • Real-time Betfair prices - see how the markets are developing in real time.

Football betting is an extremely lucrative area of the gambling world. However, because there's so much information out there, it can be tough to stay in touch with it all. Fortunately, Score Grid allows you to stay have a complete overview of the market and place the most profitable combination bets with a single click.

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