World Series of Poker Player Loses $1M

This cringe-worthy video - via the folks at SI - is not for the faint of heart or the spendthrift. The risks of public embarassment in the high risk World Series of Poker have never been more apparent. 

Connor Drinen was in the midst of a high stakes game at the WSOP - with a buy-in of $1 million - when gambling disaster struck. In an amazing quirk of poker fate, Drinen and fellow competitor Cary Katz were both dealt pocket aces. Statistically, pocket aces are favored against every possible hand in the deck except, of course, pocket aces. Thus beginning a poker showdown for the ages. 

Drinan went all-in with nearly five million chips. It would take a spade or heart flush to win the hand for Katz. He got his two hearts on the flop. Then a third heart on the turn. Finally, it was time to turn over the river and unleash all Hell. The video below is intense and riveting, featuring audible gasps and "noo's" from the audience. The reveal stunned all in attendance. None more so than Connor Drinan himself.

Drinen tries to keep his cool - and mostly succeeds - despite the amazingly long odds of losing a $1 million buy-in in such startling circumstances. According to poker experts, the chances of drawing pocket aces and losing is apparently .1357 percent. Avoiding crushing public defeats like this is very likely one reason that computer geeks like playing online poker. You get all the benefits of winning with none of the public humilation that comes with the cruel twists of fate. 

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