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If STAR WARS: EPISODE VII was Noah's Ark it would've sunk by now with all the leaks surrounding the movie. More pictures have appeared on TMZ. If these photos aren't "authorized leaks" I hope the people responsible are being well compensated, because photos can easily be analysed to find out where and by whom they were taken. Joys of the digital age. I would expect that all kinds of NDAs are being breached.

Brace yourselves Nerf Herders ... TMZ obtained a photo of what looks like the beginning stages of Han Solo's famous spaceship the Millennium Falcon!!!

Sources close to the Rebel Alliance tell us the pics were taken inside an uber-secret location in the UK -- where different set pieces, props and creatures are being constructed.

At first glance, it looked like run-of-the-mill set pieces ... until one of our top "Star Wars" nerds in the office spotted the legendary Millennium Falcon in mid-construction -- at least that's how it looks.


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