GEEKWEEK PREDICTS: The World Cup Winner Will Be ...

Everyone has had their say, so here are our predictions for the World Cup. Anyone who wins their bracket with this, should send us a 20% contribution as a thank you.

GROUP STAGES (Teams to Advance in Bold)

Group A: 


Group B: 


Group C:

-Ivory Coast

Group D:

-Costa Rica

Group E:


Group F:

-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group G:

-United States

Group H:

-South Korea

Round of 16

Brazil v Chile

Colombia v England

Croatia v Spain

Uruguay v Ivory Coast

Switzerland v Nigeria

Germany v South Korea

Belgium v Portugal

Argentina v France

Round of 8

Chile v England

Spain v Uruguay

Switzerland v Germany

Belgium v Argentina


Chile v Spain

Germany v Argentina


Spain v Argentina


There we go ... GW predicts Argentina will raise the trophy.

Opinions? Comments?


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