Land Rover Creating An Invisible Bonnet

Concept cars are the stuff of dreams and explain that a concept car is a machine that engineers and scientists want to be able to make, yet is often just outside the realms of possibility (or marketability, more’s to the point). However, Land Rover may have come up with a concept which could change the course of motoring, particularly for those who frequently have to traverse rutted rural tracks which harbour potholes, pheasants, and all manner of other potentially hazardous debris, which could puncture tires, blow exhausts, and chip paintwork.

The innovation comes from Land Rover a brand which is synonymous with durability and toughness. Land Rover have, by way of inserting cameras into the front grille, designed a car which has an ‘invisible’ bonnet.


The bonnet isn’t actually invisible but a camera feed into a display which allows the driver to see what is passing under the bonnet, allowing him or her to make better tactical decisions regarding swerving around holes for example. The concept has been named the Discovery Vision Concept, and was showcased at the New York International Motor Show, which ran from the 16th-27th of April. The technology is designed to set Land Rover apart from other off-road vehicles, by creating an entirely new driving experience – the driver will feel closer to the road, more integrated with their vehicle and with an enhanced sense of the driving experience.

The spokesman for the concept was Dr Wolfgang Epple, who said that the technology was designed to make Land Rover vehicles more ‘autonomous’ off-road, but would also allow drivers to navigate through the trials of the urban car park. There will be those who will say that a transparent bonnet takes responsibility away from the driver, and that such moves systematically de-skill drivers – but Land Rover don’t see it that way.

Their concept means that part of the adventure is in being able to literally see the road beneath the wheels - and what could bring drivers closer to nature than that? Dr Epple also hinted that Land Rover’s design is merely a glimpse of things to come, saying that the next 25 years will be a time of remarkable innovation regarding motoring, and that the biggest areas for progress will be the development of environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as improvements to safety and performance standards. This could mean that in the future we will see ‘budget’ cars performing better.

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