Prepare For World Cup Brazil '14 With Mobile Apps

With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil fast approaching, millions of fans across the world will begin preparations to celebrate in style and cheer their nation on to potential glory. From house parties to watching games in a pub, football fans will have their own unique way of keeping tabs on everything that happens during the World Cup.

Watching every game may not be enough for avid enthusiasts of the sport who may want to receive the latest team news and live match reports from matches they are unable to watch due to work or personal commitments, or do not involve their home nation. This is made possible through the ever-increasing quantity and popularity of mobile apps which allow football fans to receive live score and news updates wherever they are, whether it is out shopping, during a long commute journey or waiting for an appointment at the dentists. Specialist World Cup apps will be launched across smartphone and tablet markets between now and the Final, with football fans treated to an array of options to satisfy their need to receive betting tips, live scores and anything else related to Brazil 2014.



Coral have long remained one of the leading bookmakers for football punters to place bets on an array of markets that provide an excellent opportunity to make a considerable profit. The app provide football fans to place in-play bets at the touch of a screen whilst watching a game which helps to add extra suspense and drama, in addition to hoping your predictions come off and win some money. A recently launched site section provides comprehensive news and betting odds on the World Cup, which can be accessed via the Coral website and its sports app.



For football fans who wish to receive an instant feed of news, goals and live coverage of every domestic league and international tournament in world football, the official Fifa app is just for you. Available in five languages, the app allows users to immerse themselves in the football world and access a wealth of information at the touch of a screen. As an official Fifa tournament, every moment of the World Cup in Brazil will be available via the app, with live goal updates and goal scorers sent to your phone wherever you are to keep up bang up to date with events in every game.



Football has always been a sport packed with drama, excitement and controversy which generates a wide range of opinions across fans, pundits and journalists alike. Fans are able to have a voice through television and radio shows that are dedicated to allowing them to have they say and creating healthy debates on all things football. Sportsyapper has further developed the ability for footballs fans to have their say during the World Cup via an app that allows millions of fans to indulge in conversation while a game is being played. It follows a similar principle to social networking site Twitter, with users having 300 characters to give their opinion and have their say on any game, with live events creating a flood of comments that bring fans from all over the world together in one place. From the tactics and players’ performances to the quality of commentating, the Sportsyapper app creates quick, snappy comments on everything football and can be utilised during the World Cup for you to have your say.

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