Prepare For The World Cup With The Best Football Apps

The popularity of mobile apps is rapidly growing with more and more applications been launched every day. With the World Cup edging closer, we take a look at some of the best apps available to football fans. The following applications mentioned add a new edge, and new aspect to the sport through the introduction of social media and revolutionary format’s. So whether you are looking for betting tips, or the latest live scores, these apps will cover it.


Live Score Addicts - Free

Live Score Addicts is a promising, newly updated app which is free on iOS and Android. Already very informative, the developers of this live update source have added more leagues to expand their extensive profile of statistics. An iPad friendly edition of this app also can be downloaded through application stores, this edition has been neatly adapted to fill the larger screen of the iPad. This is a great application to have, on your home screen whether it be iPad or smart phone, versatile, on the button notifications will keep you informed with in depth detail even on the minute events in the beautiful game.

Download here.


FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone - Free

A free iPhone only app which covers every aspect of the game, FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone is a must have results source. This application goes beyond providing the information football lovers demand, it also allows users to have their own say on the games events. Users verdicts can then be shared with friends via email and social media sites, this aspect adds a friendly atmosphere to an app which is a ten out of ten.

Download here.


New Star Soccer - Free

Do you want to be the next star of the game? Do you want a mash up of Angry Birds and SIMS? Then look no further, New Star Soccer is a drag to kick, futuristic football game which has the ammunition to grow into the next big football application. As well as supplying an efficient gameplay system, this app also dives into the personal side of the game in a SIMS style approach. The retro graphics adopted by the designers only add to the quality of New Star Soccer, reminding users why they love the game of football.

Download here.


Bantr - Free

Bantr is an extremely impressive concept, it adapts same style and format as Twitter, however this Twitter is totally football based. With Bantr football fans can comment on the game they adore, with people who share the same passion for the sport. Users of Bantr simply choose the game they are most interested in and then discover what other fans around the world are saying about the affairs and outcome of the match.  Just to make it even more appealing, this app is free, although it can only be downloaded through iOS.

Download here.


Squawka - Free

Here I have saved the best till last, Squawka is a free web app which employs conventions from both the excellent apps Bantr and FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone. It not only allows fans to discuss the incidents of any game they take interest in, it also supply’s users with live stats and updates.  Also expect to see this app making an appearance in the smartphone application market next year, this introduction will only add to the success of this fantastic application.

Download here.

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