Live Dealers - Friend Or Foe?


When some of us picture an online casino, we probably imagine a completely digital experience, void of any tangible human interaction. This idea is in fact highly dated and basically incorrect, and whilst there are still some sites out there which really do place the player in competition with the code and the code alone, most online casinos offer a significant degree of interactivity.

This interactivity often comes in the form of chat functions which allow players to variously cajole, converse and even flirt with their fellow gamers, but some sites go further still by introducing a human dealer into the game, making certain online poker games almost as human as real life!

Is this a good thing?

For one thing, the introduction of live dealers to certain online casinos should surely silence some of those who would argue that the move to online has rendered the experience of many casino games problematically impersonal. Live dealers can make the experience of gaming more vibrant, more lively and more personable. Of course, this generally depends on the personality of the dealer in question – if you get stuck with an insufferable human being as your dealer, you’re probably better off using a robot. It goes without saying that there are all kinds of people involved in the trade – some online casinos let you compare them on the site, so you can decide for yourself who you want to involve in your game.

A honey trap?

Switch over to any TV channel which is offering live roulette and you can bet your bottom dollar that the host is going to be at least reasonably attractive. Could it be that casino operators are trying to lure us into a honey trap by using hot hosts? Undeniably this is sometimes bound to be the case, but this doesn’t go for the practice as a whole. Incidentally, have any of the gents out there complained about the attractiveness of an air hostess? Have any of the ladies ever had a grievance with being served drinks by a handsome bartender. We highly doubt it.

Weighing up the pros and cons

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide whether or not you want to game with a live dealer online. Firstly, are you doing this for some ‘me time’ or for a sociable experience? Secondly, would an attractive dealer encourage you to spend irresponsibly? Thirdly, do other people even need to be involved to make gaming fun? Answer these questions and you’ll know whether or not live dealers in online gaming are for you! 

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