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Gambling has long remained an attractive vice for millions of people across the world who wish to experience the tension, drama and excitement of placing their own money on odds-based games which could return a considerable fortune. A multi-billion pound industry is built upon the foundations of a variety of casino games whose origins are scattered across all four corners of the globe, with casinos continuing to display the glitz and glamour that brought a gambling culture to prominence.

While casinos, bingo halls and bookmakers continue to play an integral role in providing gamblers with a daily service to play their favourite games for money, the emergence and subsequent advancements in internet technology and handheld devices took the concept of gambling to a new level. It not only generated a new wave of players who valued the opportunity to gamble in a more convenient and effective method, but transformed gambling into a global phenomenon as online casinos and applications for smartphone and tablet devices became accessible, downloadable and easy to play. Its success is in no part due to the almost effortless transition from the casino to the virtual world as websites and apps are built with smooth gaming software and high quality design elements that recreate the experience of playing in a real casino.

Be savvy, not care-free

Playing casino games, whether it is in a casino, online or on an app, comes with an element of enjoyment and fun as people of all skill levels place their money on bets in the hope of making a considerable profit. Although gamblers may focus on the ‘fun’ element of gambling, it can potentially lead to considerable losses, particularly for beginners who have limited experience or understanding of how each casino game works. The Casino Tropez Roulette School is the ultimate resource for any gamblers who not only want to learn more about the array of casino games on offer, but also receive invaluable tips and strategies which can help people to brush up on their skills and approach gambling in a more methodical and savvy manner. Although there are, and never will be, a proven method in which gamblers can overcome house rules legally and win with every bet they place, a number of intriguing theories exist into tested strategies that could be the ultimate difference between making a considerable profit and becoming broke.

Strategy-based success


Finding a trusted and reputable source of gambling tips and strategies is of paramount importance to receiving the best quality information which can be utilised in casinos, online casinos and gaming apps. The theories and systems suggested by Casino Tropez is based upon a network of casino experts who have studied particular trends across every casino game to formulate mathematical theories based on their findings. Every strategy is tailored towards recreational gamblers and expert online players who share a common goal: ensuring their bankroll or deposit lasts as long as possible with a view to making a profit. Studying and adopting a strategy is key to maximising wins and minimalizing loss within any casino game as they provide the best possible chance of being more sensible and calculated within each bet. Although taking a care-free approach can allow gamblers to simply enjoy the experience of being in their favourite casino, they can often leave licking their wounds with a variable level of loss to their bank account.

The Martingale strategy

Although gamblers may have their own quirky lucky charms or believe luck is on their side, having patience is crucial to fully utilising a gamble strategy effectively. Logging onto an online casino with a blasé attitude and expecting a strategy to return instant rewards can prove costly; gamblers are naturally determined to win, but it cannot excuse any form of reckless gambling that lacks consideration and preparation. The saying ‘luck is what happens, when preparation meets opportunity’ certainly rings true in the gambling world as those who are sensible and calculated in their approach to roulette, blackjack or any other casino game through the use of a reputable strategy stand a much better chance of hitting the jackpot.


One of the most famous and recognised roulette strategies, the Martingale system dates back to the 18th Century and to this day remains effective in generating considerable profits. The strategy can be used by gamblers of all skillsets and experience levels as Martingale follows a simplistic method which is based upon outside bets which pay 1:1, thus winning double for any amount bet. The laws of mathematics and possibility indicate that the chance of winning against the house increases if gamblers stick to the same bet on a consecutive basis. The house always holds an advantage in the first round of betting, but as the house continues to win consistently, their odds considerably drop to the point where after 11 wins in a row, the player holds a 99.97% chance of winning. The Martingale strategy is ultimately effective with any value of money; even starting with 10 cents can lead to a nice profit if a gambler follows a consistent betting behaviour. Gamblers should double their bet during every loss and offset any winning bets, irrespective of its value, before restarting the process against at the value of the original bet.

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