GPS In Your Motorcycle Helmet

The first piece of head gear intended to protect the heads of motorcyclists began development in 1935. This was after the surgeon examining TE Lawrence’s body following his fatal motorcycle crash made the connection between head trauma and death.

This was a leather helmet that while arguably safer than not wearing a helmet, left a lot to be desired by today’s exacting standards. Helmet technology is constantly developing and now goes beyond the realm of mere safety.

One such example of this is LiveMap, a Russian start-up that intends to bring the world’s first GPS-equipped helmet to market in the near future. LiveMap was using the Indiegogo crowd-funding website to raise the proposed $150,000 by July of this year, but failed to do so.

Nonetheless, LiveMap has claimed that is has now found the requisite investment in order for the helmet to be brought to market in time for summer 2014. They are apparently going to be present at the Carole Nash NEC show in November 2013, so make sure you check out their stand.


The proposed cost was $2000, but this has been reduced to $1500. While this may seem a little steep for many motorcycle enthusiasts, the helmet is packed to the brim with innovative technology. Not only does the helmet include a head-up display, which utilises a projector mounted in the shell of the helmet, but also includes Bluetooth functionality into the bargain.


Yet, the helmet does not forgo safety for technology – far from it. The helmet utilises a carbon fibre shell that is apparently certain to pass safety tests in both the US and Europe.  

Amid safety concerns with regard to the distracting nature of the image projected into the rider’s view, the manufacturers have promised that the proposed minimalistic graphical appearance will definitely not interfere with the rider’s vision.

In fact, the whole process will be voice-controlled, so that setting destinations or planning diversions may be done during the journey itself.

It will be possible to view a more detailed map, but only when the bike is not moving, or moving below a certain speed.


Google’s ‘Google Glass’ head-up display is supposedly due for release in the next few months and it is clear that the LiveMap idea is not simple pie in the sky, but possibly a very real glimpse of the future of motorcycle helmet design.

Although of course, such new technology always has its detractors, but who knows whether it will end up consigned to ridicule like the Sinclair C5, or be considered one of history’s great innovations? Only time will tell.   

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