New Offense For Chelsea

After billionaire owner of the Russian Premier League club FC Anzhi Makhachkala seemingly went mad and amid rumours of financial difficulties put his entire team up for transfer over the summer, lots of clubs started paying attention.

The player that was keeping everyone on their toes was Willian Borges da Silva, a Brazilian player who is hot property on the football market, a midfielder with an incredible reputation. Willian as he is known around the world had only been with Anzhi Makhachkala for a few months, playing a dozen games for the Russian team.

The player first came to the attention of the footballing world and the media as the shining light in Ukrainian Premier League side Shakhtar Donetsk. He played 222 games for the team over six seasons from 20007 and scored 37 goals for them as he went.

The transfer got the attention of Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Man United. However, in the end it was Chelsea that landed the brilliant 25 year old midfielder.

Chelsea managed to get the player for another £30 million and he will be wearing the number 22 shirt at his new home ground at Stamford Bridge. Willian said: ' Chelsea are one of the best clubs in the world, and now I'm going to play for one of the best managers in the world, so I'm very happy and looking forward to it.'

Willian has been called a creative, inventive winger who is devastating both on the flanks and in the centre. He has been compared to similarly great players such as Hazard or Juan Mata. He is expected to do very well for Chelsea. For great odds on Willian to score for Chelsea, or for odds of up to 3.10 for Chelsea to win the League, visit Remember, his former team Shakhtar Donetsk won the Premier League in Ukraine four times and six domestic cup matches, along with the coveted UEFA cup in 2009. The player cost the Russian oligarch £30million.

However, Chelsea already has a very strong team with great players in all positions. With the recent changes at top team Manchester United, Chelsea was looking to an incredible season 2013/14.

Willian also suffered an injury in the first match for the Russian club and so was benched for the rest of his time there. Chelsea is perhaps banking on this injury being just a memory moving into the season ahead.

Whatever happens, the young Brazilian definitely adds a decisive and competitive edge to Chelsea's chances this year. However, with many talented players already at Stamford Bridge, this will no doubt come at the expense of someone else. 

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