Weatherproof Posters For All Seasons

The end of summer is here and between concerts, the start of football season and back to school time, the elements will be out in full force. Be it school work or team pride, weather is about to become a big factor if you're taking your posters outdoors. Our friends at InstantPrint in the UK have got the solution.

Many instant poster services use lamination and encapsulation techniques to waterproof their posters, both of which involve a layer of plastic being applied over the paper, using either heat or glue to seal it. Although both of these processes clearly have similarities, lamination is trimmed to the finished size of the paper, while encapsulation ensures that the plastic film hangs 5mm over the edge of the paper.

Encapsulation was considered to be too costly whereas lamination, the more cost-effective of the two, leaves the edges of the paper exposed. This does not provide enough protection from the range of different adverse weather conditions experienced on a regular basis throughout the year. So what to do? 

InstantPrint replaced the paper itself with the more durable polyvinyl chloride or PVC.  The process of printing onto PVC is more complex, but the use of ultraviolet inks allows for printing on a wide variety of different materials, and it means that the inks are cured instantly. This means that both the print itself and the materials on which text or images are printed are fully water-resistant. As a result of this experimentation, Instantprint eventually decided to use PVC for waterproofing purposes. They have now added 220 and 400mic variations of the plastic to its range of large format poster materials, alongside 250gsm silk paper, meaning you've got more poster options for more climates than ever before.

While most places can't offer posters that will last long in tough weather, Instantprint have added a number of new waterproof products available for those wishing to buy posters for outdoor use. This the culmination of in-depth research on suitable waterproof materials for even the wettest and muddiest concert festival, football game or any other outdoor event.        

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