SpeedQuizzing: The New Bar Trivia Experience

Are you tired of the traditional bar trivia experience? The old fashioned way of being handed a slip of paper and a pen, then listening to an old man call out questions, while everyone fires up Google to find the answers to all the questions? Cheating ruins all the fun of a pub quiz.

What’s the point in taking part if everyone ends up with 20 points out of 20? We all do it. People tell themselves, “this time I wont use my phone to look up answers” then it gets to question 2 and we realise it’s trickier than we thought, and looking around everyone else is doing it, so the fourth member of the team becomes the iPhone!

But all that changes with SpeedQuizzing, it drags the pub quiz into the 21st Century. Each player downloads an app on your phone and then take part in the pub quiz. The speed element of SpeedQuizzing is what makes cheating impossible, you have to answer the questions quickly so you simply don’t have time look up the answers. It’s an ingenious idea that is catching on quick with the bar trivia crowd.

There are other benefits to SpeedQuizzing as well. In these tough times many of us are more than a little strapped for cash. Well the good news is you can make money with SpeedQuizzing by simply putting on your own event! You can often earn upwards of $100 for a fun evening of work and play. It’s not that hard to set up your own event and bar owners are often more than happy to find an event to fill their stools for that evening. Spread the word, set up an event on Facebook and you're good to go. SpeedQuizzing events are a fun way to make some extra money after work while changing the way you do trivia nights forever.

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