Sony's Dualshock4 & Affordable Gaming

Sony’s latest creation comes with Dualshock4, featuring analog sticks with more precision, inbuilt motion sensors, touch control and their new innovation – the Share Button, which allows you to share your accomplishments and triumphs with all your friends via social networking at your fingertips.

Additional Dualshock4 features include:

• A built-in mono speaker and a headset jack which enhance details. It also incorporates high-fidelity sound via the controller, whilst you chat with other online players and friends via the headset.

• Enhanced vibration for extra sensory perception.

• A Touch Pad which you can find at the front of the controller and promises to ‘free the way you play’.

• A Light Bar which identifies players by allocating them one of four colour LEDs, making it easy for players to see which characters are taking major damage as well as quickly seeing useful game-orientated information.

• A New Shape which promises greater comfort, whilst the new and improved buttons and analog sticks offer greater precision.

If you’re as desperate as we are to treat yourself (or your kids) to the soon to be released Playstation 4, but you’re not sure you can afford it, then visit our friends at Cash Window and you might be treating yourself sooner than you think. With the DualShock 4 and some awesome-looking games including Driveclub, Killzone and the highly buzzed, Watch Dogs, the PS4 is looking like the nextgen console to beat. 


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