VIDEO GAMES: Solace In Gaming ~ 5 Exciting Upcoming Titles

ControllerUsing the Internet for entertainment is becoming a bit of a hassle these days, with new stories breaking all the time of some government or private organization violating privacy. Unfortunately, we're at a point at which we as individual citizens probably just need to accept that nothing we put on the Internet is private anymore.

Naturally, increasing awareness of the dangers of sharing information online has led to more emphasis on managing personal data safely. From choosing strategic passwords, to paying more attention to privacy settings, and even relying on companies like Sharefile for secure and reliable data transfer, people are constantly seeking ways to make everyday Internet activities a bit safer. Really, it all gets a bit exhausting.

Fortunately, there's one form of online entertainment that we can all still enjoy without worrying too much about exposing ourselves to security issues: gaming!

While your Xbox may want an email address when you first create an account, interactive online gaming in general is a wonderful way to enjoy Internet entertainment without worrying about the hassles of protecting your secure data from the online community, or from hackers. So without further ado, here are 5 highly anticipated games with great online multiplayer potential coming out this year.

1. Splinter Cell Blacklist Splinter-Cell-Blacklist-knife-gun-crossed

 In contrast to most modern "shooters," the Splinter Cell series remains grounded in strategy and espionage more than simply shooting accuracy. That makes the multiplayer mode for "Blacklist" intriguing. The game mode is spies vs. mercenaries, with teams switching halfway through each game. Each side has various covert objectives, but the two are also in direct combat.

2. Grand Theft Auto V GTA-V

Each GTA game is essentially more of the same, but as we know, fans can't get enough. The fun thing about GTA V's multiplayer mode is that it is essentially a collaborative version of the single player, wherein players can work together to accomplish missions.

3. FIFA 14


There's not much to say about this one, but it has to be mentioned in any discussion about intriguing upcoming multiplayers. FIFA, whether or not you're a fan of the beautiful game, is always a great game to play with or against friends, and the latest edition will almost certainly be the best, based on the franchise's history of steady improvement.

4. Batman: Arkham Origins Xl_batman_arkham_origins_logo

The Arkham series of Batman games have been very popular with gamers and Batman fans alike, but if rumours are to be believed, this will be the first title to include multiplayer. Specifics are as yet unknown, but it's always exciting when a popular franchise first introduces multiplayer.

5. Call Of Duty: Ghosts CODGhosts

Finally, there's the upcoming Call Of Duty to consider. COD's story lines can be lacking, but it remains one of the most popular franchises for online multiplayer, with various modes and creative maps designed for players to battle through. "Ghosts" should provide more of the same.

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