TECH: The Best Games Available On Android And IOS 5

Gaming, once the domain of computers and consoles is now a huge part of the phone marketing industry.

Companies like Phones4U currently have very reasonable selections of phones for a variety of needs, not least gaming.  Games have become an integral part of everyday phone usage and here are some of the best.

Candy Crush has become something of a craze for gamers.  It is similar to many other shuffling games such as Bebbled, and really entrances the player with its simple playability.  It takes a simple gaming theme and adapts it to optimum levels, lining up rows of matching confectionary and manoeuvring items into position backed by a quirky commentary and a magical soundtrack.

4 Pics 1 Word is one of those mind sharpening lateral thinking games based around finding the common link between 4 pictures.  It tests our powers of perception and ability to spot common themes amongst what can at first appear disparate objects.  It suits those who like IQ style tests and is available for IOS and Android.  Brain Genius Deluxe is very similar in the way it tests our powers of perception and if you like 4 Pics 1 Word, you’ll also like Brain Genius which has more variable themes.

Bridge Constructor is a fantastic example of a game that is educational.  It gives a genuine insight into civil engineering and the physics behind building a bridge, whilst at the same time being very light and addictive.  How do you spread weight across a distance?  How do you support a bridge using optimum structures like towers and triangles?  How do you use more complicated tools like steel suspension chords?  This game is as good as many a school lesson whilst at the same time being completely absorbing.

Most modern phones will easily support these games which have a distinct leaning towards playability rather than being graphic heavy console type ventures. 

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