SUPERHERO SHOPPING: Geeky Gifts From Getting Personal

Every Father's Day I dread what presents I am going to wake up to, but this year I was pleasantly surprised with my gifts from a company that I was unfamiliar with ... GETTING PERSONAL.

If you’re looking to buy gifts for a friend, family member or loved one who loves comic book superheroes, then GETTING PERSONAL is a great alternative to make sure that the gifts are perfect and personalized, whoever it’s for. I have zoomed around the site and here are a few things that caught my eye. It's never too early to shop for Christmas, Hannukah or birthdays ... in fact, it's never too early to shop.

For a kid (and by kid I mean me), why not try the Superhero Bathroom Commando – a suspended frame that fits over any standard-sized bath. From it hang super-villains whom you can shoot with the water pistol. Flip the villain completely around and “pow” or “zap” is revealed.

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For anyone who fantasizes about creating their own superhero comic book, why not indulge their fantasy by giving them a personalized superhero notebook. They come in A5 and A4 sizes.

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If your superhero is a little grumpy in the morning, then serving them their coffee in a personalized superhero mug may be the answer. My son knows me so well.

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If your superhero goes out to work all day, or like me, just enjoys a few beers, then the Personalized Pint Glass is probably the perfect way for him to unwind afterwards. Embossed with the words ‘I am a Superhero’, the glass can be personalized with the recipient’s name and a four-line message. If you’re feeling doubly generous, then why not add a handy silver bottle opener to your order? That way he can hide his superpowers and not risk breaking the bottle.

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If you fancy really spoiling the superhero in your life, the Personalized Superhero Wooden Sign is a truly special gift. Painted on reclaimed wood, it has a vintage, retro comic-book feel that is stylish and chic. For the superhero who doesn't care about a secret identity.

So go on – spoil the superhero or if it's not too politically incorrrect, the superheroine in your life.


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