This Geek's Week: Did You See? - 07/1/12

Greeting Geeks & Geekettes

Here is a quick round up my GeekWeek.


The big event is finally here ... the release of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN on July 3. At first, I was "reboot ... meh!", but after the trailers, behind the scenes stuff and of course, with the excitement of THE AVENGERS still burning inside, I have been counting down second by second. The anticipation has been made all the greater with the positive reviews that have been coming out from the previews during the past few days. Is it time yet?


There is also a 25 minute super preview that a fan has put together from all the trailers, teasers and extra footage that has been released.

This was always going to be an interesting weekend at the box office. With no big blockbusters being released it was going to come down to a battle of the sexes ... Men vs. Women with the releases of TED and MAGIC MIKE. Well the early figures indicate that it wasn't just a two horse race, but somehow these two movies have put up some amazing numbers. On Friday alone TED took $20.2m with MAGIC MIKE just behind at $19.4m. Sunday afternoon is going to be interesting. Friday's Box Office Report

Three trailers caught my eye this week.

TOTAL RECALL which is steadily growing on me.

LOOPER ... My tip to be one of the sleeper successes of the year.

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS ... just watch the trailer, if this doesn't excite you, you are in the wrong place or dead. AVENGERS REASSEMBLE

On September 25, THE AVENGERS will be released on Blu-Ray. The new trailer was released this week and the list of features are just breathtaking. I'm not sure I will be springing for the full set of movies as I already have them, but it is an amazing body of work.

I may be tempted to upgrade my system to 3D though and get the 4 Disc Edition.

Here are the full details about the release.

SDCC 2012

The official SDCC website has started publishing the full schedules through Sunday. The link is here. I thought about picking out my highlights ... but wow ... so much, my head is spinning.


Unless you live in a tree, you have probably already seen this latest parody of Gotye's #1 song ... that being said, it is well worth a second, third and twentieth look.

I wonder if STAR WARS fans will ever let this go?


Predictably, the final has come down to Spain vs Italy. There probably won't be a lot of goals with Spain being the slight favorites. If Spain are successful, they will be the first team ever to retain the European Championship and as the reigning World Champions they will be the first team to win a third successive major tournament. One little fly in the ointment. To do so, they must overcome a side they have not beaten in 90 minutes of competitive football since 1920.


Just one thing ... ANGER MANAGEMENT and BRAND X lived up to my hopes. Make sure you catch these ... I am not even a big fan of Charlie Sheen or Russell Brand, but I loved both these shows.

That's all from me this week ... I think I am forgetting something, but my mind is already racing between the skyscrapers in New York like a red and blue blur.

Oh ... duh. Red and Blue. Happy 4th of July ... use your fireworks responsibly and remember that grills are for grilling ... except here in the South ...

Now, where did I leave my magnesium?

These views are mine ... etc etc

Geek Out!

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