Snikt! THE WOLVERINE Gets a Release Date

Hugh Jackman? Check. Script? Check. Director? Check. Release date? Finally, we can check that one off too. It is official, a sequel to that 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie will be coming to a theatre near you on July 26th 2013. After months of production delays, including replacing Darren Aranofsky as director, that cigar smoking, 'bub' saying, furry Canadian Logan will once again take his claws out and use them for more than just scratching those hard to reach spots on his back(seriously, wish I had expandable claws sometimes). The film sequel is going with the title: The Wolverine and will take Logan to Japan where he finds a forbidden romance and the Silver Samurai to deal with. Hugh Jackman has already praised the script as being "one of the best we've ever had." This is good news for those fans and critics who felt the first Wolverine movie offering fell a little short of expectations. Here's hoping that Director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman deliver the goods to keep the fanboys happy come summer time next year. Nothing is worse than an unhappy fanboy.

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