MAD MEN: Season Five Premiere - The Two Hour Movie?

A wise man once said, “One drink is good, two is better.” That man was of course Roger Sterling. And he might have been on to something. While one hour of AMC’s Mad Men is good, two hours would most certainly be better. And that is exactly what fans of the multi award winning drama series will get when Don Draper and company return to the air in March after a hiatus that, let’s face it, felt like an eternity. Series creator Matthew Weiner even went so far as to say the 2 hour premier will be a kin to a Mad Men movie. He told the The Hollywood Reporter that it will not just simply be two episodes thrown together but rather have a story arc that will go the whole 2 hours. Could it be his way of giving a little something back to those diehard fans who have been waiting over a year for the show’s return? Maybe. But really, who cares. This is exactly the type of thing needed to get us all back to obsessing over the (albeit fictional) lives of Don, Joan, Betty, Roger and the rest of the characters on the show that we ultimately wish we could dress, act, talk and live like. That can’t just be me, right? And so what it’s not a “real” Mad Men movie. It’s most definitely better than waiting for the show to end its TV run and  play that “Are They Ever Going To Make That Movie They’ve Been Talking About For Years?” game that other popular shows seem to do when they leave the air waves. Looking at you 24, Sopranos and Friends. So what can we expect in this 2 hour TV event on March 25th? No one knows. Well, except all the writers, producers, cast and crew but they aren’t talking. What we do know is that the episode is titled “A Little Kiss.” Could this little kiss be between Don and his new fiancée? I’m willing to bet it’s not, but rather a kiss shared between exes Don and Betty. But I will have to wait like the rest of you and see what Weiner has in store for us. One thing I can say with certainty though is that there will be plenty of tailored suits, skinny ties, tight dresses, cigarettes, alcohol and Don Draper saying “what?” a lot (please tell me you have seen that hilarious YouTube compilation). Whether it is 1 or 2 hours, Mad Men will surely make us remember that a little advertising firm on Madison Avenue in the 1960s was once the coolest place in the world. And we Mad Men fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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