GREEN ARROW TV Pilot Gets Green Light

With Smallville having taken its final flight last year, the CW looks like it is seriously considering adding a new super hero to its weekly TV mix. It has been announced that the network has green lit a pilot for Arrow, a TV series based on the Green Arrow character created in DC comics. The pilot comes after many speculative talks about what super hero would be next to take on the small screen coming off the long running success of Smallville. There were early talks about an Aquaman series and a Wonder Woman pilot that was ordered, shot and eventually axed by NBC last fall. While those didn't fare too well, I believe the Arrow stands a better chance of getting picked up. For starters, the cast is shaping up really well. Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place / Gossip Girl) has just signed on to play Dinah Laurel Lance while Canadian actor Stephen Amell will take on the titular character. The show also takes the Smallville approach and alters the story to fit the medium. In Arrow, Oliver Queen will be in his late twenties and will return to "Starling City" after people believed he was dead for five years. I got my fingers crossed for this one and not just because I want to see Katie Cassidy eventually morph into the Black Canary complete with fishnet stockings and tight leather.

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