ANGER MANAGEMENT – Charlie Gets His Girls

The buzz is building for Charlie Sheen's big TV comeback this summer with a new show for the FX channel. Let's face it, 2011 was undeniably the year of the Warlock and Charlie, with last year's Two and Half Mess behind him, is looking to become a must see TV character… again. Thanks to a handful of calm and collected media appearances, it looks like the insane Rock Star from Mars has left the building. We will instead get a re-focused and a crazy-less Charlie injecting himself into our homes with his new show Anger Management.  You have probably already heard the new comedy series will be based off that mostly forgettable 2003 Adam Sandler / Jack Nicholson movie, but series Producer Joe Roth (whom also produced the AM movie) says it will only be a loose adaptation. Charlie takes on the role played by Nicholson and will be an Anger Management Therapist named Charlie (surprise) with anger issues of his own. Sounds hilarious right? Yeah – I'm not completely sold either. What HAS piqued my interest however is the latest news about some of the cast mates who will be sharing, and possibly basking in the Sheen spotlight. Firstly, there is Selma Blair. A well known actress in her own right who proved herself versed in the art of being a sexy, quirky yet tough girl. Just watch those Hell Boy films if you don't believe me. Also announced as part of the cast is Shawnee Smith, whom horror fans will remember from the Saw movies and Ted Danson fans (there has to be some) will know from Becker.  So just who will these ladies be playing on the show? It was announced that Selma will be a therapist to Charlie's character and Shawnee will be his ex wife Jennifer. Apparently Jennifer will be the beautiful mother of Charlie's child who doesn't quite have it all together. I don't know why they just didn't cast the real thing: Denies Richards. From what I understand, their child will be a young teenager, adding a little bit of a Californication vibe to the show. I can definitely see Charlie doing his best Hank Moody in some instances here. Either way, I hope things pan out well for Sheen and that Anger Management becomes a huge success when it premieres on a yet to be announced night this summer. I hear he could really use the money. Wait, what? He got how much in that Warner Bros law suit…

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