Did Warner Bros. Alter Bane's Voice In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?


     Since the prologue for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES began screening in IMAX theaters a couple of weeks ago, few have complained about the apparent quality of the third film in Christopher Nolan's BATMAN trilogy - with the exception of one feature. Viewers have commented critically on Bane's voice, which many deemed too garbled to hear well. The buzz about Bane prompted speculation that the studio planned to remix Bane's voice in the film in order to make him more comprehensible.

     Warner Bros., however, supposedly hasn't done anything to the film and does not intend to. Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times tweeted today a pretty unequivocal statement: "Warner Bros. says "no truth" to reports of new Dark Knight Rises prologue trailers going out with fixed Bane audio."

     Nevertheless, reports are trickling in from viewers who claim they are now hearing a "cleaner" Bane in the DARK KNIGHT RISES prologue. The Film Stage suggests that the studio simply doesn't want to admit to making the changes.

     We will keep you updated as more on this Bane battle unfolds.

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