NFL: SUPERBOWL XLVI Will Stream Live Online


NEW YORK -- The biggest draw in television is going mobile.

The Super Bowl will be streamed online and to phones for the first time, the NFL said Tuesday. NBC's broadcasts of wild card Saturday, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl will be available on the league's and network's websites and through Verizon's NFL Mobile app. The service will include additional camera angles, in-game highlights and live stats -- and replays of those always popular Super Bowl ads. NBC has been streaming its "Sunday Night Football" telecasts for four seasons, and the network has found that it's not just being used by fans who can't watch on TV.


I don't think I will be leaving my spot at the bar to watch on my cell phone or computer, but I guess this will help the unfortunate few people who have to work, or at least be at work during Super Bowl Sunday.

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