Golden Age Comics Creator Jerry Robinson Dies At 89


     The legendary comic creator of the Golden Age, Jerry Robinson, has passed away at the age of 89. Best known for contributing to the creation of Joker, Robin, and other iconic characters, Robinson will be remembered for having had a hand in many aspects of the comics industry, as a creator, a cartoonist, and as an advocate for creators' rights.

     The LA Times Hero Complex confirmed that Robinson died in his sleep last night.

     Robinson began his career in comics as an inker for Bob Kane's BATMAN, although he is credited with having suggested the name Robin for the hero's sidekick as well as having shaped the iconography of Batman's most notorious villain. After Kane left BATMAN in 1943, Robinson took over drawing duties before he began to work for other publishers. In the 1960s, Robinson saw success as an editorial cartoonist, and in 1967 he became president of the National Cartoonists Society. Robinson passionately took on the cause of creators' rights over the course of the next decade.



[via Hero Complex]

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