DOCTOR WHO: Farewell Amy Pond

Karen Gillan, who is undoubtebly one of the most popular and pretty of all the companions is leaving the cult show DOCTOR WHO.

Once seen as campy and low brow, the series is now as popular as ever and the role will be highly sought after.

Given the global expansion, there is probably no guarantee that it will be a British actress chosen to play the role. Let the speculation begin.

The 24-year-old actress - who plays Amy Pond - will be written out in a "heartbreaking" storyline, show boss Steven Moffatt said.

A new companion for The Doctor is being lined up but producers said they would give no clues about their identity.

Karen and her screen husband Arthur Darvill - who plays Rory - will both be written out. The Scottish actress, who will soon be seen in a BBC drama as model Jean Shrimpton, has had a starring role for two series and has become hugely popular.

Moffatt said: "The final days of the Ponds are coming. It's during the next series. I'm not telling you when and I'm not telling you how. That story is going to be a heartbreaking one."

He said that The Doctor would be "taking a new friend", adding: "I'm not going to tell you anything about he, she or it."


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