News From Our Sister Site: for October 28-November 4 [In Case You Missed It ... @itskomplicated]


Geekweek is the cornerstone of a network of websites providing content from a multiplicity of perspectives and serving a plethora of audiences. We're going to provide you with a quick summary of the highlights from one of our sister sites. Here's the latest from ...

WHAT IS KOMPLICATED? [Twitter/Facebook]is a site aimed at taking stock of the Black geek perspective, "doing it for the block and the blogosphere," covering areas of music, technology, culture and escapism. Top stories for the week of October 28-November 4, 2011 include (but are not limited to) ...

K-myshell-comikazeEXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT: This weekend, Komplicated's senior savvy correspondent Myshell Tabu will be on site at the Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, representing the site and debuting our brand new line of t-shirts to help you express your own Komplicated style ... while avoiding, you know, nudity. Not that there's anything wrong with it! Find Komplicated at The Antidote Trust booth,. #3303, or just look for the lovely young lady pictured here.

Will Smith

Did we mention syndicated web comics every weekday? #thenewblack ...

Komplicated updates at least three times per day, every day.



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