October 2011

FRIDAY FRODOS (10/14/11 Edition)

Tim Simmons brings the Frodos-- He writes the webOGN, Spy6teen- which you can read at www.spy6teen.com. Also available or for your fancy Digital reader/desktop/etc at the links below. He's on Twitter @citizentim. (Desktop/IPHONE/IPAD/Droid- First Issue now FREE!) (.PDF)

Warner Bros. Picks Up Reddit-Inspired Project

If you're trying to sell a movie, you might want to consider testing your idea in the waters of Reddit. Warner Bros. has acquired a pitch based on a series of flash fiction posts made on Reddit, Variety reports. James Erwin, author and two-time Jeopardy! champion, wrote the piece in...

Patty Jenkins To Direct THOR 2

Marvel has confirmed that Patty Jenkins will direct the sequel to THOR, Deadline reports. Jenkins's previous credits include the Charlize Theron-starrer MONSTER and the pilot of the AMC series THE KILLING. Marvel sent in this press release with the news: Marvel Studios announced today that Patty Jenkins will direct THOR...

THE WOLVERINE Could Get Two Different Cuts

While an R-rated WOLVERINE film would please many comic book fans, it would undoubtedly leave young viewers in the dust. Nevertheless, cutting together an R-rated version of THE WOLVERINE is not off the table entirely - in fact, director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman have been considering making two versions...

THE AVENGERS Trailer Arrives Online

Marvel has released the first official trailer for THE AVENGERS online. Sit back and enjoy the long-awaited video! [via THR]

Netflix Abandons Qwikster Split

Prepare to jump for joy, or at least nix your cancellation of Netflix: the company has announced that it is abandoning its plans to separate its DVD-by-mail and instant streaming services. Netflix posted a brief notice regarding the change - or lack thereof - in an official blog post: It...

Watch The Trailer For THE RAVEN

The first trailer for THE RAVEN has hit the web, providing us with a look at John Cusack's Edgar Allen Poe in action. Perhaps it is just the English major in me, but while this retains the horrifying spirit of Poe's works, this looks like it's going to fall to...

News From Our Sister Site: Komplicated, September 30-October 7 [In Case You Missed It ...]

Summing up the week's top items from Geekweek's sister site Komplicated.com, "In Case You Missed It ..." is a summary of the best of escapism, culture, technology and music from a Black geek perspective. This week we say goodbye to Steve Jobs, Sylvia Robinson, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and Derrick Bell. As well, we break down Apple's new tech announcements, analyze DC's Nude 52, throw more free music at you than you can handle, see Doctor Bong take on Sonar in #whodwin Wednesday and ... well, there's so much more, you'd have to read it to find out.

FRIDAY FRODOS (10/7/11 Edition)

Tim Simmons brings the Frodos-- He writes the webOGN, Spy6teen- which you can read at www.spy6teen.com. Also available or for your fancy Digital reader/desktop/etc at the links below. He's on Twitter @citizentim. (Desktop/IPHONE/IPAD/Droid- First Issue now FREE!) (.PDF)


Dark Horse Digital.jpg 

Dark Horse Digital has some exciting news to report from this year's New York Comic Con. There's plenty of awesome digital comics to choose from. The press release follows:

MILWAUKIE, OR,-- Last year’s New York Comic Con saw the announcement of Dark Horse’s digital store. This year, we’re celebrating that anniversary in style with special-edition comics, in-booth events, and giveaways, as well as prizes for attendees of New York’s premier convention.

First of all, leading into the convention, Dark Horse will release a special three-part digital preview comic, showcasing eight pages of each of our new fall titles! Check out Tom Morello’s Orchid, P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast’s House of Night, and of course, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain! This special preview comic will be available at Digital.DarkHorse.com on October 12.

That same day, Dark Horse will also release a special sixteen-page Mass Effect digital comic, featuring the previously released “Incursion” story from MySpace Dark Horse Presents as well as the “Inquisition” story originally featured on USAToday.com for 99 cents. Visit Digital.DarkHorse.com for an exclusive eight-page preview of the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Invasion series!

Spin the Dark Horse Digital prize wheel and win free digital comics! That’s right, show attendees can step up, spin our wheel, and win a fortune in credit in the Dark Horse Digital Store. One chance per customer per day, with the opportunity to win more than once throughout the show!

If that’s not enough, we will be giving away t-shirts all weekend long “tagged” with additional chances to win Dark Horse digital store credit!


Dark Horse Books has published a very unique read with “GREEN RIVER KILLER: A TRUE DETECTIVE STORY.” Here you will find an in-depth look at a case that would seem too shocking for explanation. When words seem to fail, that’s when you need them most. This book is a compelling arrangement of words by Jeff Jensen and pictures by Jonathan Case that take you to unexpected places in one of the most horrific crime stories of our time. This is the story of the author’s father, Tom Jensen, the detective who doggedly pursued the Green River Killer for twenty years and gathered the evidence to secure his conviction. This is also, remarkably, the story of the killer, Gary Ridgway.
We begin with a chilling vignette. It is 1965. Gary Ridgway is a slow-witted twenty-year-old trying to make friends with a boy half his age. The little boy, in his cowboy gear, invites Ridgway to play. Just as they begin to build a fort, Ridgway stabs him. The boy is left to bleed to death. He calls out, “Why did you do that?” Ridgway stares out and says, “I wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.” That scene would be hard enough to take in fiction but this really happened. In a crisp drawing style, with high contrast, Case coolly depicts the scene. Case has already locked in for us a window into Ridgway’s soul. There seems to be no soul, only that dull blank stare. We repeatedly must confront that empty response. It is that response, that same stupid inert look that Detective Jensen must try to understand and even accept.
Then we have another scene from 1965. This is Tom Jensen, a young man of eighteen, full of joy and promise. In short order, we see him join the Navy, marry his high school sweetheart and decide on career in police work. We jump to early ‘80s Seattle, Tom Jensen has gone from patrol work to detective work. A very strange case is emerging: a Jack the Ripper is loose. We see a cocky Jensen predict a swift capture. Another jump, and twenty years have passed. The panels show an older, still determined, Jensen finally down for the start of the most important interview of his life, the long series of talks with Gary Ridgway.
Two men’s lives: One is a sort of square good guy detective; the other is a killing machine. We go back and forth in each of their lives and how the two intersect. At the heart of it are a series of passages that show Ridgway in 2003, already a rat caught in a trap, cooperating with police in a plea arrangement. In order to avoid the death penalty, Ridgway is supposed to show where the bodies of his victims are buried. But he repeatedly leads Jensen and his men down dead ends. One man kills. The other investigates. One man agonizes over the deaths. The other seems immune to feeling anything. But, with some poetic license, mixed with the actual interviews, we see what might bring even Gary Ridgway to tears. It seems like his fuzzy memory, when it comes to helping the police, is pretty clear when he must answer to himself.
Was it worth it to the detective? Did Tom Jensen spend the better part of his career on a worthless lump of a human being? The bitter pill for Jensen to swallow was the fact that there would never be a full articulation from Ridgway on anything, let alone his soul. That realization must have been Jensen’s breaking point. When Ridgway seems to confront a basic truth about himself, it hits Jensen like a punch to the gut. Tom Jensen seemed more in tune to the reality of Gary Ridgway than Gary Ridgway. Jensen knew what mattered: finally finding the killer, finding the bodies, notifying the families, giving them closure and even, most ironic of all, giving Gary Ridgway some closure.

Green River Jeff Jensen 2011


X-Men Destiny is an action RPG for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii from Activision and Silicon Knights that places players in the shoes of one a new mutant as the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants attempt to sway them to join their team. Along the way players will directly make...

MORTAL KOMBAT Reboot To Be Helmed By Web Series Creator

Remember that MORTAL KOMBAT web series that premiered a few months ago, starring Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan? It looks like New Line got the message from director Kevin Tancharoen and is planning to reboot the franchise, with Tancharoen at the helm. Oren Uziel, who collaborated with Tancharoen on...

DC Sales Skyrocket Following Reboot

DC Comics' "New 52" issue ones are flying off the shelves, according to recently released sales figures. JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, the flagship title which debuted five weeks ago, sold more than 200,000 copies - compared to the 46,000 per issue it averaged prior to the relaunch. Other titles, such as...