NYCC '11: Brubaker, Phillips Return To Crime With FATALE


     Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are re-teaming at Image Comics with a new creator-owned crime comic, FATALE.

     Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Brubaker said that FATALE builds upon previous works CRIMINAL and INCOGNITO, although the new series will include more of a supernatural bend.

"In a weird way, this is a lot of what we've been building towards. It gets to the heart of the idea of the femme fatale as an archetype. The story involves all these characters that spin around a woman who may or may not be the living incarnation of the femme fatale...One of the things I thought would be interesting was to do a story about somebody who has this curse. The femme fatale is always such a plot device in stories more than a character. I wanted to make a sympathetic character out of that archetype, and then there's a whole story that grew around it about a guy in modern times who finds an ancient secret and gets hunted by people for it."

     FATALE will launch from Image in 2012 with dual "Beauty and the Beast" covers.



[via CBR]

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