Netflix Splits In Two; DVD Service Renamed As Qwikster


     Following a number of controversial decisions and subseqent fallout, Netflix co-founded and CEO Reed Hastings as posted a blog announcing that the company will split up its streaming and DVD-by-mail services.

     The DVD service will be named Qwikster and will have its own website and credit card charge. For those who love to rate movies and get suggestions from the system, Qwikster will not be integrated into the Netflix website.

     Hastings said that the total price of the two services will not surpass the current price of Netflix service.

     The relative good news to come out of all of this: Qwikster will include a games-by-mail service similar to GameFly. Subscribers will be able to rent PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games on the same service.



[via Netflix]

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