DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Announced for 2012

Last week at the Tokyo Game Show, Tecmo-Koei announced Dead or Alive 5.  Coming out in 2012 on the XBOX360 and the PS3, this will mark the first numbered game in the series to come out in 6+ years. Expanding on the intricate stages in the previous games, Dead or Alive 5 promises to be a "fighting entertainment" game as series producer Yosuke Hayashi calls it.

In the teaser trailer we see Ryu Hayabusa brawl with fellow ninja Hayate on a skyscraper construction site. In the background we can see a crane moving, more than likely something that can be comboed off of. Also of note is the series shying away from it's Anime roots and going towards realistic features on characters. More of DOA5 has yet to been seen, such as the series' infamous female characters.


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