Born on Twitter, fueled on Kickstarter and built in Hollywood, the WRESTLING REVOLUTION PROJECT is a 13-episode seasonal concept built on wrestling storytelling with a complete three act narrative structure. Cutting the cord completely from the modern wrestling industry chronology, it's the launch of a new universe with new characters and new rules. WRP aims to combine modern, relevant themes with compelling in-ring storytelling to create a unique wrestling television experience.

Wrestling fans can officially join the cast of WRP by being a part of the production process on October 11, 12 and 13 in Hollywood, CA. Joining the WRP production will offer fans a unique, one of a kind experience that lifts the curtain on the processes behind both independent filmmaking and professional wrestling. Attendees are not just members of the audience but instead are fully functioning members of the WRP cast, gaining weekly on-screen credit for their participation and contribution towards the product.

Additionally, attendees will be front and center in an intimate setting to watch acclaimed performers like Prince Devitt, Colt Cabana, MVP, Kenny Omega and many more as they show their skill inside the squared circle.

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For the next several weeks we will be revealing one new member of the WRP cast every Monday through Friday here on GeekWeek. Some faces you might recognize. Some faces you might not. And some faces might just confuse you altogether. But each weekday will bring a new face and a new set of talents to our growing ensemble.

Patrick Buckridge, best known to wrestling fans as Pat Buck


A native of Queens, New York, Patrick Buckridge would parlay his athletic background in martial arts and lacrosse into a career inside the squared circle. Training initially with the Critical Mass Pro Wrestling school, Buckridge - as "Pat Buck" - would soon head to Florida to learn under the legendary Dory Funk Jr. His journeys would soon take him to Louisville, where he set out on his own to make it as a non-contracted talent in the OVW developmental territory. Learning under the tutelage of Rip Rogers and Al Snow, he would work opposite talents such as Cody Rhodes, Colt Cabana, Mark Henry and Shawn Spears, ultimately becoming one of only two non-contracted performers allowed on OVW television during the booking run of the great Paul Heyman. Following his stint in OVW, Buckridge would move to Florida to attend the FCW training facility under Steve Keirn and Norman Smiley. In 2010 he was named head trainer at the respected New York Wrestling Connection training school, where he is currently grooming a new generation of talent. Still, for Patrick Buckridge, there remains unfinished business -- a feeling of things left undone. That feeling finally comes to an end this October when Patrick Buckridge gets his long-overdue shot at the spotlight as a member of the WRP cast.

Please follow Pat on Twitter and join us in welcoming him to the cast of WRP.

The WRESTLING REVOLUTION PROJECT begins production this October in Los Angeles and will be distributed in both physical and digital media by Image Entertainment throughout North America. For more information on WRP check out the official WRP website and follow us on Twitter at @TheWRProject and @KatzMoney.

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