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If you've ever spent any time in a comic book shop or around geeks in general, the topic comes up sooner or later: "who'd win?" One iconic hero faced off against another, two characters people know plucked from their normal environs, dropped into a featureless "Thunderdome" and forced to do battle. Our sister site Komplicated seeks to settle these squabbles every single week with #whodwin Wednesdays. Taking place every week at noon Pacific time, it's four battles, one per half hour on the half hour, and no mercy, decided exclusively by the opinions of people just like you.

Thanos vs. DarkseidFans click their way to Komplicated's Facebook page and use comments to say who they think would beat whom and exactly why. The discussions can get rather contentious ...

  • Two semi-indestructable madmen. Tough call. I want to give it to my boy the Creeper, but as crazy as he can be, he doesn't have the killer instinct that Deadpool has. They both think "outside the box," but Wade would cut his own head off, stick it in the box, and pummel Creeper with it. And still laugh at him about it.
  • I shall cast my vote for The Taskmaster. He seems to be able to absorb and use more goodies to his advantage than Prometheus.
  • I like Moses Magnum for this one. He's presented problems for possibly every major team in the Marvel Universe; Black Manta can't even get around sorry Aquaman. Also, let's keep in mind that every body of water on the planet has a bottom, and that bottom is composed of a substance that Magnum can manipulate.
  • MANTIS: Brought to you by Sam Raimi. Automan: bad porn title. MANTIS - 'Nuff Said!
  • Look at the quality of hero each one has to go up against. Norman is a psycho, yes, but his first enemy was basically a really smart kid. Lex has his issues, but he also had to go toe-to-toe with a veritable godlike being, and he had him on the ropes numerous times. I really believe Lex would have the psychological edge here, mostly because he's a better manipulator than Norman. When Norman gets freaked, he retreats into his Goblin persona. Lex doesn't have that issue.
  • Another hard one to call...Shang Chi is the business, but Karate Kid is capable of taking down Batman...
  • Holy cosmic being battle royal! Despite Darkseid's omnipotence & immortality (which Thanos also possesses) - the edge goes to Thanos strictly for his battlefield cunning & superior intellect. This battle would destroy worlds but in the end Darkseid is made Mistress Death's b**** compliments of her favorite stalker.
  • The Batmobile is cool, but it can't think. KITT takes the win easy.

This week, Geekweek fans enjoy an exclusive preview of what the battles will be ...

Make your voice heard TODAY at NOON on Komplicated's Facebook page and results are posted on Komplicated by 2:30 PM, all leading up playoffs and a championship in November!.

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