DEAD SPACE 2's Gunner Wright in "LOVE" with Angels and Airwaves

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TONIGHT (Wednesday, August 10th) Angels and Airwaves will appear LIVE across movie screens around the US for a ONE NIGHT ONLY screening of their film, LOVE, followed by a LIVE A&A performance and Q&A from Boston with lead vocalist/producer Tom Delonge; writer/director Will Eubank and star Gunner Wright.

And as a bonus AFTER the screening; fans will get first look at the video from their "LOVE: Part Two" album!!


What is LOVE?

LOVE centers on Lee Miller (Gunner Wright), an astronaut stranded in orbit aboard the International Space Station who finds himself completely alone after the station loses communication with Earth. As time goes on, Miller's life support (as well as his sanity) are seemingly running out; leaving Miller to fight for mental and physical survival aboard a vessel with no way out…when he makes an interesting discovery.

Originally conceived to be ten separate music videos, writer/director Will Eubank and the band came to a consensus that because the videos were becoming seemingly longer;  it made more sense to make a fully fleshed out film with Angels and Airwaves composing a full cinematic score…four years and 19,000 furniture staples later, we have LOVE.

LOVE eubanks

When asked if the film is chronological to the album LOVE itself, Eubank said "Tom (Delonge) says 'Technically, there's two parts of LOVE; the first half that came out a year and half to two years ago and then you have the NEW album that's coming out in November." and that contains a lot of the score for the film' and the cool thing about that is there's a lot of crazy music that you've heard thematically from Angels and Airwaves, just tuned a little differently."

Will and gun

Wright was cast by Eubank after they had worked together on a previous project about motorcycles that Eubank shot and Wright hosted before he even knew what Wright's acting abilities were.

LOVE gunner 3
With Wright's previous giant gig being Isaac Clarke from DS2, seems like he has some experience with being trapped in space all by himself so when dealing with the solitude of being Lee Miller and having to create emotional connections with non-existent actors, Wright said that because he and Eubank pretty much lived together (along with other crew) for a little over a month, they became very comfortable with each other.

LOVE Gunner2

"Will became an actor; he really was not JUST a filmmaker. He was feeding me those lines and in a lot of those intimate scenes he'd throw me a line reading and I would just say it…and he wouldn't even say 'All right, Gunner, do this,' he would just wait a beat or two and then give it to me again maybe a little bit softer and in a different way to where it game ME time to think about it and deliver it to where I could see the character in front of me when in reality, I was staring at Christmas lights."

LOVE Gunner

Enough talky! Trailer time!


PRETTY DAMN SKIPPY for a set built from scratch and shot for less than 500k, yeah?

Showtimes for tonight's NATIONWIDE screening are as follows:

- 6:00pm MT

- 7:00pm CT

- 8:00pm ET

- 9:00pm PT

(p.s. Another VG connection in the film is James Burns, who voiced Frank Woods in CoD: Black Ops!)

NOW…you wanna be a part of this ONE NIGHT ONLY nationwide screening tonight at 9pm?

Go HERE then scroll to the bottom and enter your zip code to find your local theaters that are screening LOVE (tickets are $15.00 across the ENTIRE U.S., btw).

I know have MY ticket!

MEGA thanks to Will and Gunner for spending their morning with me! GOOD LUCK, GENTS!

End Transmission.

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