Comics: Writer Eric Wallace (@ewrote) Gets Interviewed Live TONIGHT at 9PM on @itskomplicated


This weekend, comic book writer Eric Wallace will subject himself to The 3rd Degree, an interview on the It's Komplicated webcast. The show airs tonight at 9PM PST on the Geekweek Network. To promote his interview, we're showcasing images from his work.

Wallace is the only Black person writing a monthly comic book for either of the two largest comics publishers in the United States. His Mr. Terrific debuts in September from DC Comics, and here are some preview images from that title:

Mr. Terrific #1
Mister Terrific 1 page 13 copy
Wallace is also executive story editor for the SyFy Network show Eureka, currently broadcasting its final season ...

Eureka #1
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Finally, Wallace is a huge fan of the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, so much so that he's recently written and consulted on several audio plays for Big Finish Productions.

Dark Shadows
He'll be answering questions from both host Myshell Tabu and the chat room as well. 9PM PST, tonight!

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