Scenes From THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set: Bane's Full Costume And The New Tumbler

     While the ultra-secretive Christopher Nolan likely did not want paparazzi photos to be the public's first glimpse at Tom Hardy in the full Bane get-up, can one really expect anything less from the publicity fanfare surrounding THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

     Whether you are ready or not, Just Jared has the first spoiler-filled photos of Tom Hardy on set in the complete Bane costume. Here is one example from the gallery:


     There's a few more shots from the Pittsburgh set of the movie over at Just Jared.

     In more BATMAN news, Cinemablend has picked up on a video of the new Tumbler that will be featured in the film:


     The most obvious change is the Batmobile's paint job, as the Tumbler now sports a camo look.

     UPDATE: BleedingCool has found video from the set featuring Bane and Christopher Nolan.


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