EUREKA Co-Creator Developing New TALES FROM THE CRYPT Series


     An updated version of the horror anthology series TALES FROM THE CRYPT is in development, Slashfilm reports.

     Gil Adler, a producer on the original series, and EUREKA co-creator and co-founder of BOOM! Studios Andrew Cosby are developing the project. Unlike the original series, which favored an episodic format, they envision the remake as an ongoing drama based on the original EC Comics line from the 1950s. Cosby elaborated further on the idea:

It will be an ongoing series that uses characters from the comic books in a more modern context… It’s all about continually elevating the genre, for both existing fans of the source material and mainstream audiences.

     The pitch will be shopped around at both broadcast and cable networks, but Cinemax reportedly already has an interest in the project.




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