E3 2011: Highlights From The Sony Press Conference


     No first day at E3 is complete without a keynote from yet another one of the big three: this time, Sony's up at bat. Take a look at the highlights from Sony's keynote below:

  • Sony previews MORTAL KOMBAT, UNCHARTED 3, and RACHET & CLANK: ALL 4 ONE in 3D
  • Gameplay of UNCHARTED 3 is demoed, and a 3D trailer is shown
  • RESISTANCE 3 is demoed in 3D; on September 6, Sony will offer a $150 sharpshooter bundle for RESISTANCE 3, which includes the game, a gun, and a Move kit
  • GOD OF WAR: ORIGINS COLLECTIONS announced, with 3D support
  • Sony is developing a special 24" television with two-player splitscreen technology that will allow players wearing special glasses to play two-player games on one screen
  • Kobe Bryant does a Move demo of NBA 2K12; the game is due out October 4
  • MEDIEVAL MOVES: DEADMUND'S QUEST announced; a cartoonish action game for the Move
  • Trailer for INFAMOUS 2 shown
  • Beginning in September, LITTLEBIGPLANET 2 will have greater Move functionality, including the ability to build levels
  • Trailer shown for STARHAWK
  • SLY COOPER: THIEVES IN TIME coming in 2012
  • PS3-exclusive DUST 514 is an MMO that will connect directly to EVE; it will include Move and NGP support; closed beta at the end of the year, aiming for a full release next year
  • BIOSHOCK INFINITE previewed; will have Move support; Blu-ray of BIOSHOCK INFINITE will include a free copy of the original BIOSHOCK
  • Irrational (BIOSHOCK INFINITE developers) working on a game for the NGP
  • Trailer for new STAR TREK game is previewed
  • PS3-exclusives in upcoming games: SSX (Mt. Fuji), NEED FOR SPEED: THE RUN (exclusive cars), BATTLEFIELD 3 (free copy of BATTLEFIELD 1943 on the disc)
  • PLAYSTATION SUITE announced: initiative to get Playstation software onto other devices, such as Android phones and tablets
  • Next Generation Portable officially called the Playstation Vita; AT&T will be the exclusive 3G provider partnered with the Vita; $249 for WiFi, $299 for 3G; will be available this holiday season
  • Vita will allow headset voice chat over games and locations
  • UNCHARTED: GOLDEN ABYSS developers discuss developing for the Vita, demo the game
  • Vita title RUIN demoed; it's a dungeon crawler akin to TORCHLIGHT with social connectivity built in that allows players to battle rivals; progress can be saved in the cloud, and the game can be continued on the PS3
  • MODNATION RACERS developed specially for the Vita; track editor is shown
  • MODNATION RACERS, WIPEOUT 2048 will have cross-platform functionality, including for multiplayer gaming
  • LITTLEBIGPLANET announced for Vita; will include touchscreen controls, tilt controls, and rear touchscreen controls
  • STREETFIGHTER X TEKKEN coming to Vita; Cole from INFAMOUS will be a character


[via Joystiq]

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